The next Day

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 25 Mar 2011 01:31
Bob spent a while with his head buried in the engine room before emerging with the starter motor, I could smell the problem straight away!
Nevis is a fabulous place to be stuck! We have a few problems to sort out today, to get Mawari on to a mooring buoy and find a new starter motor. Having anchored under sail , we couldn't wait to pick up a mooring buoy under sail!! This has to be the best place in the world to practice this exercise, ahead of us are about 30 empty mooring buoys , if we miss one we can just sail on to the next, perfect! I really cant believe our luck! As it happens we manage to pick up the third buoy we approach. . I'm keen to try again but Bob thinks we should wait till we've got the engine functioning before we start playing.. . .
Indigo yacht services will have the starter motor within 48 hrs.
In the meantime we catch the bus to Gingerland, home of Montpelier plantation Inn, after lunch we get a lift back from a very nice lady from Edinburgh !
The landscape here is magical, from the boat we can see out across open ocean towards central America one minute and as the boat swings we can see the low lying , heather hued hills of St Kitts across the narrows the next, the water is equal in colour to Tobago Cays, a kaleidoscope of greens and blues stretching into infinity. . . . .
Its 24th of March , Cam is flying back to England today , wish we could speak to him. Try to speak to Amica as well, wish I could give her a big hug right now . . .
We plan to get the ferry today to St Kitts to pick up the starter motor, but it misses its flight so we will have to spend another day here, shame. . .
Decide to jump over the side of the boat and go for a snorkel instead. the vis is amazing! we can see for miles , there's a huge shoal of fish around the boat and a sting ray wafting past and then a gurnard spreading its wings.. . on the next mooring buoy there's a family of cuttle fish just hanging around eyeing Bob up . . .. After we've cooled off we head for town.
Nevis has had 2 famous inhabitants, Horatio Nelson and Alexander Hamilton, both of whom died from a gun shot wound which lodged in their respective spines when they were aged just 47. . . . They both have a museum about them as well. We actually saw Nelson's Hat !! In between museums we stumbled across the annual agricultural fete and learnt lots about bee keeping and peacocks before heading off to a pool of 40c at the Bath house, where Nelson was said to have bathed, for a quick paddle. We squeezed in a fantastic lunch at the 'Arts Cafe' before returning for another snorkel. . ., a dinner of King fish and finally watched the sun setting from our hammock.. . ..P.S. my foot has nearly recovered!

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