St Kitts to Saba!

Bob & Sue Dall
Sat 26 Mar 2011 01:57
Much as we would have liked stayed a bit longer in Nevis, we come to our senses and decide to Anchor over night in Ballast Bay St Kitts before heading off accross open sea. Ballast bay is full of ballast. a new marina is being constructed here by openning up the salt lake to the open sea.
We set off early so we dont get entangled in 100 cross channel swimmers, and head off north along the coast line.
I have probably been rather unjust to St Kitts, once past the firing line of cruise ship stuff and the marina, it probably improves alot, The converted plantation houses are meant to be well worth seeing. . .

We have been debating our onward route,and agree we should go to St Martin, but I have set my heart on going to Saba on the way which is down wind, but conditions are in my favour and Bob agrees.
On the away we pass Statia which in the 1700 century was the major trading place for the entire West Indies due to its legalised pirating status it was known as the Golden Rock. When it was invaded by Admiral Rodney the wealthy inhabitants held lots of mock funerals in the process of burying all their wealth in coffins, creative lot these Caribbeans,( thats almost as good as the guy in Grenada who put his horse shoes on back to front to send his pursuers in the wrong direction!)

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