Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 6 Feb 2011 22:42
14:27.926 N 60:52.585 W
This morning we get a text from' Betsy' belonging to Ed and Sue, our cross Atlantic companions. We hadn't seen them since we left Cape Verde's even though we spoke to them twice a day at sea,they made landfall in Barbados. Now in Marin just 12 miles round the corner waiting for visitors to arrive. After a quick dip in the irresistible water we head off. Marin is a huge bay full of yachts. The Marina is home to 12 charter companies and although they have 600 births, there was no room for us.
We spent a great evening with Ed and Sue , a belated celebration and debrief of the crossing!
We realism on Sunday that we wont get into the Marina for that wash down and charge up, We spend the rest of the day researching supermarkets,and Chandeleries and the next day. . . . . .Its raining a lot the water is murky , time to move on. A quick dash to fill up water in the morning before we head off to St. Anne.

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