Galapagos to The Marquesas

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 24 Apr 2012 02:31
6:02.07 S 106:22.51 W

The 20 days we were allowed to stay in Galapagos have whizzed by and now its time to set off on our longest passage yet; 3000nms to The Marquesas Islands.

(Needless to say , I have lots of photos of the last 20 days which will follow as soon as we have the ability! Nearly everywhere here is only accessible in a group with a National Park Guide and a cruise boat, but this results in beautiful unspoilt Islands full of wonderful, curious wildlife)

Theres lots of preparation to do. Refueling requires a special permit which allows you to purchase diesel at a special rate of 5 times that of the local price. Both water and fuel are transported by jerry cans, via a water taxi, to the boat. A total of 950 litres of man handled liquid! Fortunately its rained a lot and our rain catcher has filled the tanks with 600lt of delicious rainwater, its seems such a shame to waste it on washing up. . .
Finally , at 2.30pm on April 17th, we raise the anchor and wave goodbye to the Galapagos.. . ..

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