Anchored At Minerva North

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 16 May 2014 17:48
23:39.343S 178:54.137W

Minerva Reefs are 2/3 rds of the way between New Zealand and Fiji. Two small atolls out in the open ocean. Minerva North is an almost perfect circle with a small gap which allows us to get inside. The water depth in the lagoon is deep enough for sailing boats but also shallow enough for us to anchor. The reef itself is over 200m wide and is just covered at high tide. The waters inside are thus sheltered and hardly affected by the waves outside. It is a perfect place to shop on route to rest or take shelter. It is an extraordinary experience to anchor in calm seas in the middle of the open sea with no land in sight.

In good conditions the snorkeling and and fishing are great but tonight it is windy and will probably rain a lot tomorrow as a tropical low passes to the north of here.

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