Somewhere Special

Bob & Sue Dall
Mon 28 Mar 2011 00:57
17:38.275 N 63:15.448 W
The approach to Saba didn't look promising. The island is steep too in every possible dimension. A solid rock rising vertically from the sea, apart from a very small ledge in the north east corner called 'the airport'. Fort Bay is realistically the only way on to the island, The other way consists of 800 vertical steps a challenge which can only to be attempted by those who survive the crashing waves and manage the waste deep water to the bottom step. Apparently in the 1940s this was the only way on to the island ,nether the less they still managed to bring ashore a piano and a Bishop!
The inhabitants amount to 1500, descendants of people who ignored obstacles and built their own roads and airport in the face of extreme adversity,
After finding a spot for the boat we brave the 2 mile dinghy ride ashore to check in. As we have no us dollars we have to go up to Bottom. Bottom is the main town and is Up a vertical road. A local tells us it will take about 20 minutes. We set off optimistically, after all we need a bit of exercise. . . . After about 30 minutes a truck stops, 'did some one tell you it was a short walk?'(ha ha ha) hop in the back. . . .
This is a great place if you are a mountain goat, it must also rate as one of the quietest places on earth, once you get away from the sea.. . .
It takes about an hour to walk from Bottom back down the hill, where we book a dive for tomorrow and get soaked on the dinghy ride back home.

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