Fulanga, Naivindamu Village

Bob & Sue Dall
Sat 28 Jun 2014 09:35

Bruce and Laura from Pacific Hwy suggested a hike to the most remote village on the island, Naivindamu. 

The night before Bati, the island nurse suggested he came with us as he had some spectacles to deliver and we might get lost. . . . .

We were the first visitors to hike to Naivindamu this year, . . ..you could tell this by the undergrowth!

There were lots of curious children to great us, some we recognised as boarders in Monacke.

Bati with newly bespectacled lady!

walking through the village

The kids loved having their photos taken!

Pandanus grass drying in the back garden 

Church Door

Hmm. . .. 

The kids climbed coconut palms and then prepared their gatherings for us, amazing!

Women returning from a productive days fishing