Anguilla to BVI's

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 5 Apr 2011 01:14
18:30.381 N 64:22.400 W

After a final visit to the chandlery to pick up some charts, filling up with dinghy fuel, food, water and collecting the laundry we were ready for the next adventure. . Anguilla
The islands of Anguilla are only about 10 miles from St Martin, so it didn't take long to transport ourselves into a different world. The main island is very flat compared with the islands we have visited so far. The anchorage at Road Bay is huge and peaceful, The water beautiful and the beach spectacular. . . and virtually empty. but there are lots of rules and regulations about where and when you can and cannot go and its all a bit off putting. In the end we buy a special cruising permit and a marine park pass,so we can visit 'Little Bay' for the day, which we had to leave by 7pm. Little Bay is surrounded by little cliffs and lots more little Tropic birds darting about over the boat and back. . . The little beach zooms straight to the top of our 'top 10 beaches ' list. the snorkeling is lovely , but we notice yet again that there are nowhere near as many fish in these waters compared to the French islands, perhaps it has something to do with the history of fishing/prosperity of French versus English islands?
The only other anchorage which we are allowed to use overnight is Crocus Bay, as long as we leave before sunrise, or we will have to pay for another days cruising permit.. . . blah , extortion, blah. .
We have by now enjoyed 5 continuous nights of sound sleep and feel up to an early start in the morning. . . .
Its 78 miles to Virgin Gouda in the British Virgin Islands, with nowhere to stop on the way, its a 5.30am sunrise for us, if its light enough to negotiate the maze of fishing pots by then. . . . . . .

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