Makongai Island

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 12 Jun 2014 02:46
Sailing at 7kts in 15kts of Eastery Wind, it doesn't take long to reach another slice of heaven; Makongai Island.  From 1911 to 1969 this was a Leper Colony staffed by Catholic nuns. over 4500 patients were sheltered here. Many of the old hospital buildings still stand intermingled with a few homes , a giant clam nursery and a Hawksbill Turtle rehabilitation centre. Makongai is now owned by  the Department of Agriculture which attempted to cross breed British and Caribbean sheep to produce an almost wool less sheep suitable for the climate.
About 80 people live on the island now. From the anchorage at Dalice bay theres a very pleasant 5mile walk to the main village.

Walking to the village