Criminal intent

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 15 Apr 2011 02:16
Today we have the challenge of crossing international boarders to recover our belongings We might as well have been flying a white flag, we felt so conspicuous as we approached Sopers hole BVI.
Our plan was to pick up a mooring as close to the dinghy dock as possible, the dinghy was all ready for action , I would stay on the boat, looking nonchalant, while Bob rowed inconspicuously to shore, as quickly as possible ,collect the goods and return. I would be waiting, engine ticking over, ready to slip the rope for a casual, yet speedy getaway. . . . .
Sopers Hole was really busy that morning, the only mooring buoy available was right next to the customs and immigrations office. Fortunately Bob was wearing different clothes from the last time he was here. But just as he slipped into the dinghy the depth alarm went off, very loudly, we were in less than 2 metres of water! no wonder no else had used this mooring buoy, We managed to attract the attention of all the surrounding boats and the three customs officers that had come onto the dockside for a fag.. . . .I went and put the kettle on.
St Johns is one of 3 main islands which make up the US VI's. The Americans have been very clever in separating the functions of the islands. St Thomas is the cruise ship duty free shopping island while St John is 90% national park. There are an abundance of mooring bouys to discourage anchoring, and laws to help preserve all marine life, including the most effective 'No take' policy.

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