Portsmouth to Roseau

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 30 Jan 2011 00:44
We head to the Capital of Dominica about 20nms south , deciding to pick up a mooring just for the night before heading off to Martinique. . . .
The weather has definitely improved, we must have had at least 24hrs without rain. . .The sail to Martinique is about 35 nms and we romp along at 7 to 8 kts most of the way. The landscape ahead is much smoother in appearance, with great peaks rising out of gentle slopes.
It takes several attempts to anchor on the shelf of St Pierre, but after changing anchors we settle in 7 metres next to Hunda from England. We meet Dorothy and Duncan our neighbours for the night, in an internet cafe, by the end of the evening we end up with most of their charts from their 15 yr navigation of the world ! Lots of entertainment for many nights to come . thankyou!
St Pierre. . . We find our selves in another city overwhelmed by the rages of nature. . . Nearly 30,000 people lost their lives here on 8th May 1902 when the awesome Mount Pelee erupted.

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