Mt Hobson (and back)

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 28 Feb 2014 07:18
Mt Hobson, at 627m, is the highest peak on Great Barrier Island,  and we needed some exercise.. .

essential packing the night before (Bob drew the line at the coffee pot though. . .)

Mt Hobson from below, (in cloud)

The Lower Kauri Dam.
After about 1hr there's a side track to the dam which was built in 1920s.(there are 6 others higher up)  It is estimated that 7 million feet of timber were slid into the dams 
which were  tripped, once loaded, and the logs blasted their way down to the Kaiarara Bay. That would have been exciting to watch. ..

this was exciting to watch too (Bob went 1st ,as he is the heaviest ) The Kiwis do put a tremendous amount of effort into making their fabulous country accessible.


Blue Mushroom, apparently it is not known if these are edible OR have mind altering properties. . .. .? but they were definitely this colour.

Dr Who. . . .

Hazy view from the top

It can get very windy up there.

On the way back we stopped at the Heale Hut, ($15 a night, if you don't mind sharing) and had a cup of tea with Bryan from Maidstone (Kent)
(Bob slowly turning blue. . .must be the mushrooms )