las Perlas/photos

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 10 Apr 2012 00:35
Las Perlas is a small group of Islands about 30 miles south of Panama City. Most are uninhabited and the surrounding coastlines are teeming with wildlife. We spent four days exploring the remote anchorages before setting off on the 1000nm passage to Galapagos. It was tempting to stay longer but we were already using up valuable supplies!
A Willet landing on the banks of Rio Cacique .
Manta Rays leap out of the water to shake off parasites. the first one we saw was quite a surprise, the 2nd one waited for me to get my camera , even more of a surprise!
There were 100's of dolphins in the surrounding waters
After 2 days at sea, heading for Galapagos, a new passenger arrived, Vlad; the Peregrine Falcon brought his lunch, a Storm Petrel, with him. . . . .
He soon realised it was easier to eat his prey on the wing rather than on the sail. . . . .
Then there was dinner. . . . . .
Finally satisfied he balanced on our spreaders for several hours!
He was very photogenic. . .!