Bashing back to Bequia

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 15 Mar 2011 00:05
After checking in to SVG in Union Island we head off to say goodbye to Tobago Cays, possibly the most photographed spot in the whole of the Caribbean. . The anchor works first time! We buy a big lobster , Bob leaves me holding it as he goes to find a bag to put in . . . he can never find anything, by the time he emerges from below decks, the lobster has become very impatient and the two of us seem to be very entertaining to the Canadians in the neighbouring boat. We try a new lobster cooking technique, putting it in the fridge for two hours to make it drowsy before popping it into my new lobster sized pan full of boiling water. . . success, we didn't hear a squeak!.

Its always a relief to wake up in the same place you went to sleep. . (in an anchored boat that is) and thankfully we did this morning , despite a very blustery night. Unfortunately the weather isn't conducive to messing about in the water, so we decide to head on up. . .
We had to beat into 28kt head winds most of the way to Bequia in very confused seas, I don't think we have had conditions like that since we last crossed the English Channel!
In Grenada we made 3 major purchases. The anchor, which has been brill so far, and a blackberry, which has transformed our world of e-mail. Lastly I was delighted to find one of those 'multi-purpose' items, so essential when you live in a small space. Bob has still to appreciate the advantages of my new washing up drainer cum high sided tray for tricky weather conditions, probably because it is made of grey plastic, or it might be because it says 'cat litter' on the side?.

Bingo! the anchor holds first time again in Admiralty bay, Bequia. Tomorrow We plan to get the laundry done, stock up on essentials, replace gas cylinder and get our spray hood re stitched at Bequia canvas. . . For some odd reason its another bank holiday. The only place open is a small supermarket . . .Where we bump into Vanessa from 'Brain of Pooh'!

We manage to send and receive emails with Cameron on our wonderful new device. He only has a week to go of his course before taking his exams and moving on. He wants to do an electricians course,( Granddad would have been pleased!) Hope he manages to sort everything out in the next week. . .

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