Crab Creek Once More

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 7 Oct 2011 00:34
38:57.409 N 78:31.82 W
I feel as if Crab Creek was the beginning of our adventure north on the Eastern Seaboard and here we are back in one piece after the most amazing 3 months. Its such a shame that so many boats, in their rush to see the world , miss out on such a beautiful part of it. . . .
Tonight is the night. .of the OCC dinner, its like a grand reunion of many of the people we have come across on our way north, and a very jolly time was had by all!! We were inspired by the adventures of the OCC rally to Newfoundland, Canada, just a stones throw from Prince Edward Island, Grandmas home for 30 years. (I have a feeling we are going to sail there sooner or later). Sid and Rebecca Shaw were responsible for a magnificent evening, the only thing missing were Martin and Elizabeth.

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