Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 6 Oct 2011 00:34
37:17.071 N 76:35.57 W
15 nms sailing! 347 frames
Baltimore was so cool! We ran back into town for a quick whiz round the Constellation, the last sailing vessel in the US navy. Strangely enough we were given the opportunity to set off a live cannon from the deck, across the harbour,(paying special attention not to hit the 40 ft najad on the way).. . . . .
Then the T mobile shop, before being nabbed by the inter city police as we pulled up the anchor, they were so nice !
We set sail to Magothy River, one of the few places we have been before. We had only been back into main stream Chesapeake for about 10 minutes when Bob spotted yet another photographic opportunity, Two Bald Eagles!

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