Tyrrel Bay

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 27 Feb 2011 00:19
Today has been rubbish, weather wise. it has poured with squally rain and high winds just about all day. The sort of day when you wish you had a tumble dryer. We met Chick and Alexis yesterday who enlightened us on the pros and cons of Chesapeake Bay the net result that we decide to change our flights home in August from Washington DC to Boston. . . .if we ever manage to get on the internet that is. . . . . On the bright side . . . 1) Bob spotted a Wyllo ?( not sure of the spelling). . . but its a very specialist boat that his school friend built a version of back in Chichester, and there's one anchored right next to us! 2) we took the dinghy through the protected mangrove area and saw millions of Oysters attached to the roots of the mangroves. 3)We had the most delicious pancakes at the side of the road and spent a delightful hour or so chatting to all sorts of very nice people!
Back on board, I decide to create the 'Anchoring Dance'( as ' Not enough room to swing a Cat' (ermeran) takes on a whole new meaning) I'm sure it will catch on. . . .eventually. Bob is harder to convince

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