Pacific Diary/ part two

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 6 May 2012 01:40
9:44.711 S 133:44.753 W
Eighteen days at sea and we are still talking to each other. . .The first half was amazing and then we reached the Interval, everything stopped, but unfortunately there wasn't a bar to go to!
The second half has been variable,160 mile days followed by 100 mile days, rainy days and very hot days, big seas followed by flat calm, full oilys to bare bottoms, we seem to have had it all. We've certainly had nearly all the fresh food, just half a cucumber, 2 cabbages and some apples left. Wildlife has been almost non existent, just the odd bird passing by and a few flying fish on the decks.
The end is almost insight now, 297nms to go. There's a full moon tonight which apparently will be closer to the earth than it will be for the next 4 years. So there's nowhere else to be tonight than in the cockpit of a boat all on its own, bobbing about in the middle of the Pacific Ocean under the moonlight. . . .

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