Change of Plan

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 24 Nov 2010 20:12
We have made good progress so far, however the winds have been light and at present there is no wind so we have used the motor much more than we had hoped. The wind is expected to stay light for the next several days with no sign of the trade winds which should take us to Antigua. We have therefore decided to call in at Sao Vincent in the Cape Verdes to pick up more diesel and to fix a minor problem which is preventing us from using our Gennaker which is the sail we need most in light winds. We should get there on Friday and stay one or 2 days.

Despite the lack of winds we have been enjoying the fine weather (and food!) we caught two Dorado at the same time on Monday they are really tasty and Cam is cooking an elaborate chicken curry right now, he's not used to having all the right ingredients! We all had a swim this morning in the glassy still water absolute quiet with nothing as far as the eye could see. .We also had a bit of man over board practice. Later when we spotted a round orange fender bobbing along all by its self, strangely enough I had been trying to find one for weeks (in a chandlers). We've had lots of visits from various types of dolphin and birds always very exciting.

Bob & Sue

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