Levuka,Ovalua Island

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 12 Jun 2014 05:02
It looks as if there might be a weather window to sail from the west to the east of Fiji, to the Southern Lau Island of Fulaga within the next day or two. We need wind from the Northern sector or no wind to make the passage, neither occur very often. As always, one days forecast is never the same as the next, but its still looking hopeful. The Lau group of islands has only recently opened up to visiting yachts, so its an exciting opportunity to explore this remote part of Fiji. But before we go we need a few supplies frustratingly we are very low on petrol for the outboard and there is unlikely to be any available in southern Lau, we can row but not very far {as yet}.
The nearest town is Levuka on Ovalau island. It was the capital city of Fiji until 1882. in June 2013 it became a World Heritage Site. The main street has many original wooden buildings reminiscent of the wild west. We are anchored in front of the Tuna cannery so although it is a characterful town, one night is enough. . .
One way and another the window is shifting as a trough of low pressure threatens to get in our way, a slight change of plan is needed and by 3pm we are secured on a mooring next to the beautiful island of Leleuvia. Its so peaceful inside the reef in the shadow of the island, all thoughts of going to Fulaga of slowly slipping away. . .

next day. . ..
David of Gulf Harbour radio gives great weather advice at 7.30am every morning, today might be the last chance we have for a while to head East (as the predominant trade winds are from the east) its about 180nms, a double overnighter to arrive in day light at slack tide, we won't have internet for several weeks.
Its 4pm and we have just set off, theres a full moon tomorrow , always a big bonus on night watches!