The Rockpile

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 22 Nov 2011 02:38
The weather window of Northerlies doesn't arrive, so we decide to tackle the next 265 miles to Charleston on the ICW.
The scenery changes from here as the route follows a succession of dredged channels, salt marshes, small sounds and shallow sloughs connected by a series of land cuts. Herons and Egrets hide in the reeds along the waters edge and turkey vultures circle overhead. As the narrow channels widen jetties extend half way across the water, connecting vast mansions to their power boats.
Over the next 5 days we encounter more than 20 bridges , a military firing range, The 8 mile Rock Pile ( which is as horrendous as it sounds) and an impressive thunder storm!
It is with great relief that we arrive at The Charleston Maritime Center Marina. . .. but not for long!
7am the next morning is our chance to escape the ICW, catch the tide and run out to sea! We have about 6 day light hours to see Charleston, do the laundry and fill a shopping trolley. . . .but the early start was worth it, within 20 minutes we had both sails up and were flying at 8 to 9 kts.. . Bliss!!

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