Saba day 2

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 29 Mar 2011 01:10
After a sleepless night (worrying about this and that) we have to move the boat to the correct mooring and then swim to the dive boat with our dive gear ready for the next adventure.
We dive arround submerged pinnicales which rise from a pristine sandy base in a cascade of colour and marine life, absolutely beautiful. Dive 2 takes us to The Ladders, a completely different but equally spectacular display in the under water world.. . .We bury our hands in hot volcanic sand and cruise along side massive Tangs as the odd turtle wafts past. . . Oh the way back to the dinghy 7 or 8 Tropic birds seranade us, these very vocal birds are distinctive by their wafer-thin, long tail feathers and white plumage. They dart between the crevices of the rock face and circle over the boat . . . . .One of those special days!

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