Disaster Strikes

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 26 Apr 2011 00:55
Totally addicted now to underwater photography, after our dives I persuade water logged Bob to dinghy over to Cistern Point and wait while I take a few more photos before the light goes. This is one snorkel to many, after two dives in the morning I'm tired and things don't go well. When we get back to the boat I rinse the camera in fresh water outside. . . . and inside. My 9 days of bliss have come to an end.
On the bright side , we speak on the satellite phone to Keltie, Amica and Cameron. They have just had a barbecue together on West Wittering Beach and the weather is fantastic in Chichester. . .
Easter Monday improves and we get the sails out for a while. . .and decide to practice a bit of man over board. (In Sopers Hole we had tested the M.O.B. equipment , I managed to winch Bob out of the water . .and break the crane, at the same time as the cateraman next door made contact with our boat. . . it never rains,but it pours. . . . .)
This time we were in the middle of the channel when Bob set the alarm off on his MOB wristband, If he had been in the water, I think I would finally have located him, after several circuits, in calm conditions, in day light.. . . We decide to stick to our policy of wearing life jackets and clipping on whenever we are in the cockpit on passage.

Afterwards we pick up a mooring buoy in Marina Cay Tortolla.. . . and another in Trellis Bay, before finally settling at Monkey Point for a camera less snorkel. If I had had a camera, I would have taken pictures of. . . an enormous Tarpon as it swam past my face, a peacock flounder as it swam from one rock to the next transforming its colour, another million or so silversides drifting in giant waves between the rocks, a pelican, feet and beek dangling below water as it fed, a Moray eel swimming, and most amazing of all, a cloud of about 80 to 100 baby squid 1 to 2 inches long, just under our boat!
We can't get over how much we have seen in the water here. It has become very clear to us, as we cruise these waters, that the size and abundance of fish directly relates to the fishing polices of the the governing country, a no take policy' the most effective of all.
We have to move on to another anchorage at Cam Bay tonight. . Must go, Bob has spotted a dozen or so glow-in-the-dark wormlike things in the water, as he barbecues the beef. . . . .

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