Still in St Martin. .

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 3 Apr 2011 22:44
It could have been the heat, or something in the water, or even the expired sell by date. .. . .what ever it was it did nothing to conceal Bobs humour as I emerged from the heads (bathroom) with bright purple hair. I had used the same hair dye several times, only weeks before I had been more than pleased with the warm chestnut glow it produced. And so the day continued.. . .
Bob decided it was time to go up the mast to fit the new 'u' bolt for our gennaker. To achieve this He has to totally depend on me to winch him safely 17 metres towards the sky and then, when all is done, lower him safely back down again. Once Bob is safely up the mast I decide to clean some of the stainless steel stantions. Our box of shoes is in the way, so I go to move them, and in so doing one of my best shoes falls over board. Without hesitation I lurch forward and end up in the water (fully clothed again), shoe rescued, I realize my options for getting back on the boat are quite limited. The pontoon is way to high and our ladder is still in the up position and Bob is 17 metres up the mast. Fortunately a bewildered Frenchman happens to be passing by, just as I hear Bobs curdled pleas to lower him down the mast. . .. Like all good Frenchmen , he attends to the damsel in distress first. . . .Even though she has purple hair.

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