Archipel des Tuamotu/ Diary

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 17 Jun 2012 07:18
Our start is delayed by 2 days of dinghy repairing but finally we set sail again. Timing is critical when arriving at the Tuamotus. After sailing for 4 days and nights we have a 40 minute slot beginning at 10.39 am in which to enter the pass into Fakarava atoll at high water slack. . . .This group of 78 islands are mostly coral atolls, lagoons surrounded by narrow bands of low lying reefs with a splattering of palm trees and grass. Typically only the northern and western ends are visible, the southern and eastern ends are often bare and awash, this leads to some exciting navigation! During weak moments we contemplate avoiding this area completely and sailing straight to Tahiti, but fortunately curiosity gets the the better of us. And besides our friends Axel and Liz have made it . . . .

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