Dominica (Pooh Bear and an Enchanted Place) ,

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 28 Jan 2011 01:44
Today was one of those unforgettable days. . . . We had booked a days tour of the northern half of Dominica along with Vanessa and Kitt of The Brain of Pooh( funny that, bearing in mind our proximity to 100 acre wood ) and the fabulous Dillon, an exceedingly large brain of the forna and flora of this amazing island. Dillon also arranged the weather for us at no extra cost, not a single drop of rain . . . Dominica is an extravaganza of every herb, spice, fruit and medicinal plant imaginable, all to be found on the roadside. We saw bananas, pinapples, plantain's,breadfruit,mangoes, passion fruit, pommeacres, turmeric, tamarind ,sorrel, sweet bay , coffee, cocoa, lemon grass, nutmeg, cinnamon, avocado, yams, limes, tomatoes rosemary, to name but a few, herbs to cure every ailment known to man . . . all in the space of this beautiful island. We sampled coconut bread, noni milk, jelly nut, pink banana, dareen, all before lunch in a beautiful mountain side restaurant with a selection of rums of every flavour under the sun. After drinking freshly ground local coffee we made our way to the emerald lake for a refreshing fresh water swim under one of the islands amazing water falls. Slightly out of sequence but still remarkable was the drive through the 3700 acre reservation of the Carib Indians who arrived in dug out canoes from south America. . .We stopped at one of their houses to stock up on sun hats and stuff made from calabash and reeds.
Dillon showed us a fair trade banana packing station, a rum distillery , massive rivers, mountains, rain forest, tranquil bays, wild seas, an endless amount of natural wonders all in the space of a day. . . . . Dominica , an enchanted place. . . . .

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