A sailing we go! Great Barrier Islands

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 28 Feb 2014 20:15
On 22nd Feb we slipped our lines and headed towards the open sea. The next 48 hrs were spent  in Urquarts Bay at the mouth of the river whilst 40 kt gusts stampeded across our bow, just to get us back in the mood. .. 
Tuesday ,however was a different story and worth the wait as we sailed at 7kts on one tack 50nms straight to GBI, fantastic, must be the new anti foul.

A Pateke or Brown Teal christens our new dinghy. One of the rarest ducks in the world, 75% of the population live on Great Barrier.

Little Blue Penguin. There are lots of these small penguins bobbing about in the anchorage!

Kaiaraara Bay (affectionally known as 5A's Bay to the log keeper)

View of Mawari from Bushes Beach