Where are we now?

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 15 Feb 2012 02:12
Life has been so exciting lately I've been unable to catch up with myself or the blog. . . .sorry!
Cuba was an education, and a wonderful place to visit. In summary: we spent 3 days exploring a small portion of Havanna and then we met Barfly, another Najad. Together we hired a car and spent 4 days traveling to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Baya Cochinos (bay of Pigs)staying in Casa Particulars, the Cuban version of Bed and Breakfast. We went back to the boat for a couple of nights and then struck out on our own, hiring a car to explore the west side of the island. We stayed in Vinales, a lovely town surrounded by spectacular scenery. We went riding through tobacco fields, ate lots of lobster and alligator, got rescued by buffalo, swam under waterfalls, rode in 1950s Chevis, danced in the street, visited Ernest Hemmingway's bedroom, stayed in the House of the Conspirators, learned a lot about revolutions and fell in love with Cuba. . . . . .

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