Saba day 3

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 29 Mar 2011 23:08
We wake up with the whole bay to ourselves, was it something we said? This is an extraordinary privilege in such a fabulous place and makes no sense at all, we decide not to be paranoid , just very grateful and go ashore for a tour of the island.
We drive all the way up to 'The Bottom' and then over to 'Windward side' ( which, ironically , is on the windward side} Our driver doesn't seem to keen on taking us to 'Hells Gate' possibly because of the vertical road, instead she drops's us at the bottom of Mount Scenery and says she will pick us in 3 hrs time. We climb the 1064 steps, 3000ft above the clouds, through cloud forest and elfin forest, seeing some exotic butterflies and a couple of snakes on the way. Worth every step!
We get back to the boat ready to move on tomorrow , but really pleased we made the effort to stay here a few days.

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