Bermuda and Beyond

Bob & Sue Dall
Mon 30 May 2011 01:59
It took us 7 days bashing into confused seas, to reach Bermuda, at about 1am in the morning amidst a thunder and lightening storm and 30kt + winds. The entrance to St George is through 'The Cut' a narrow channel, not a sensible route to take in high winds in the dark, so we try out a new skill of heaving too, which works really well, making the boat almost stationary.
Bermuda is lovely! Its noticeably cooler, fresher and cleaner! A string of small atolls joined together by bridges and causeways, the island is surrounded on two sides by a huge reef.
We spend 6 nights alongside at the Town Quay, spitting distance from ye olde dunking chair and the town stocks in the charming central square. On the last night we were treated to a grand performance of The Beating of the Retreat. The capital, Hamilton , is very smart, although to transform from sailor to city slicker all you need is a pair of knee high socks!!
A surprising number of familiar faces pop up in Bermuda including Trycia and her daughters on Triple D who we had last seen in the Cape Verdes and Caduceus, who we had last spoken to in La Coruna, Spain!
The Atlantic Cup Rally does a fine job of entertaining and organising the fleet over the extended stay which overlaps the arrival of the ARC Europe rally.
Finally the weather settles and its time to set off on the 650 nm leg to Hampton Virginia USA!
(The Frog jumped ship before we arrived in Bermuda)

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