What is this bird?

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 20 Jun 2014 21:06

Walking along the sandpit  we had spotted, on several occasions, a large Heron like bird in the distance which always
 flew off as soon as it spotted us. On this particular morning it flew away as usual and then circled back towards us and
 landed on the sand spit. As luck would have it , I had my 150- 500 lens with me (its 1st outing in Fiji) while Bob was
 distracted on the beach I approached the bird, trying to make myself as small as possible which entailed shuffling along
 on my bottom through puddles and ragged patches of rock, It still hadn't noticed me, to busy looking for its next meal.

And even when it did finally see me it obviously couldn't quite believe it. . .

Ariel view of sandpit and anchorage. Ray let us play with his quadcopter, its a lot more difficult than it looks!