Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 4 Oct 2011 00:47
39:21.981 N 75:53.811 W
3nms (456 frames)
We have found ourselves in a communication black hole, not even a phone signal! Apologies to everyone we need to contact, its so frustrating. We move 3 miles up the river to Georgetown, but it doesn't make any difference. Ashore we walk 2 miles up hill in the rain . . ' still no signal
The weather should improve tomorrow so we can move on. We are sharing this anchorage with Steve and Barbara, OCC members,and about 50 turkey vultures .I think it might snow tonight. .
On the brightside , I have found loads to photograph, the scenery is special , the leaves are just turning, much later than Maine and there are lots of birds to test my photographic skills. .

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