Back to the Basin

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 23 Mar 2014 08:38

Its been great to explore some of the islands by boat, get our sealegs back and check out all the boat systems are working (and remembering how to use them!) . Our mighty solar panels are a welcome addition and I love the new arch, it provides lots of space to attach things, making them easily accessible and freeing up locker space.It also provides somewhere for a washing line, the hammock, the BBQ , and is a great way to get a better view of the world! The new dinghy is so much better, I'm not sure how we put up with the last one for so long. We have a new loo, renovated oven (it now works) new aluminium gas bottles,a new boat computer, new cockpit lights and an electric blender, what more could a girl ask for. . . . .some new outboard engine mounts apparently and some sheaves, what ever they are. So its back to the Basin  (Whangarei)and time to get ready for some more exploring on land.
We just happened to get back at the same time as a "world famous in New Zealand" event was about to take place; the annual paddle board race. . .

Paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in the world, possibly in NZ too

Paddle boarders come in all shapes and sizes. .. 

some don't even need  a paddle, or a board. . .