St Martin

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 1 Apr 2011 23:08
18;04.226N 63;05.297W

Its 25 nms to St Martin, which is half french and half Dutch. Apparently the boundary was created amicably by a Frenchman with a bottle of wine and a Dutchman with a bottle of schnapps, walking in opposite directions. The french ended up with more land because the wine was weaker than the schnapps. . . .
The island consists of gentle rolling countryside , beautiful beaches and masses of yachts. Yachts seem to congregate in two places in the Caribbean; St Martin and The southern ports of Martinique.
The sail is great and we arrive on one tack with a steady 15kt wind most of the way and make our way to Fort Lious Marina, to tie up for the first time since Grenada.
We survived 20 days on our water tanks, but I spend the next few hours playing with gallons of beautiful endless fresh water! We fill the tanks, take a long shower, wash the boat from head to toe. . and then do it all again! The boat hardly twitches all night and we have our first full nights sleep for a long time. These benefits outway being surrounded by mega yachts for a while, As I look across the marina from our cockpit, I come face to face with X factor on a wide screen tv in the 'Kiss My Ass' 53m motor home saloon, ,oh for a Tropic Bird. .. . . ( p.s. might have been ' kiss the sky' sorry about that. . . . )

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