Wickford south

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 21 Sep 2011 21:07
Wickford is a pleasant diversion. We stroll down to the Dock and buy 2 lobsters, rushing back before they escape. This might be our last chance to buy live lobster (this arguement always works)
We had a very peaceful night, so I was surprised to be woken at 6.30 by Bob shouting from outside, I gazed out of the port light to see what the fuss was about. . . Bob was in the tender taking the outboard off and a wet grey furry creature was climbing up the side to join him! He maintains that it was a swimming squirrel, as it had a long furry tail. . . . . .I maintain something else.
The sea is glassy calm as we set off towards Block Island. It seems rather strange to sail slowly under the busy road bridge as people commute to work. . .Within an hour we have to switch on the radar as, a now familiar, bank of fog rolls over, an odd patch of small reflections show up on the screen , they are just ahead of us, its a flock of 100 or more seagulls bobbing about on the surface! I guess they have trouble travelling in the fog too.
We end up having a pleasant sail beyond Block Island to a rather desolate anchorage on the end of Long Island. There's a distant drone of demolition , the beachside buildings look deserted, not a soul insight, not even another boat. .We decide to stay on board and have an early start in the morning to Port Jefferson.

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