Prickly Bay Grenada

Bob & Sue Dall
Mon 7 Mar 2011 01:17
11:59.801 N 61:45.763 W

Grenada is nice! we spent a day wandering around St George, the capital. There's an interesting museum which used to be a women's prison. It had articles relating to the slave trade which was finally abolished in the late 1820's . lots of photos over the last 50 years, an interesting collection of shells and a particular coral which was responsible for the white sand beaches, a skeleton of a monkey, an Armadillo, a mongoose and a rabbit, all local inhabitants.
The Fort, which bore witness to the execution of Morris Bishop, the socialist leader in 1983, gave fabulous views of the harbour and the town and many of its still roof-less buildings
Inland the terrain is very rugged, with lots of waterfalls , spectacular views across deep valleys, shrouded in lush vegetation all hemmed by beautiful beaches and sea views. Bananas, breadfruit, orange, cocoa, coffee, nutmeg,cinnamon and almond trees vie for position on the road side. . . . . . . Then there's the chocolate factory! I'm not sure if you need to eat chocolate anymore, or whether you could sit on the veranda overlooking the cocoa beans drying in the sun and just breath in the intense aroma. . .?
Back at the marina Bob admires the new 25 kg delta anchor and is itching to try it out. The novelty of being on a pontoon is wearing off as we are surrounded by charter boats and its getting a bit sweaty. So we venture off to pastures new and end up at Prickly Bay, a huge, quiet anchorage on the south of the island.
I'm absolutely gutted to realize we have lost another fender. not just any old fender but the one I found mid Atlantic, just bobbing around all by its self. a thousand miles from anywhere . . .I was particularly attached to it as I had been wanting a round fender for months and Bob seemed to avoid finding one in any chandlery, and then, in the middle of the Atlantic . . . . So if anyone reading this knows the whereabouts of a round pink fender dressed in a burgundy fender sock, answering to the name of 'I don't believe it!' PLEASE let us know. . . .

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