St Mary's

Bob & Sue Dall
Sat 26 Nov 2011 02:38
We had only intended to stay one night in St Mary's. .. .Until we met Mary, the local OCC port officer. She not only offered us laundry, propane, grocery runs and advice on moving south, she also enlightened us about Thanks Giving.
St Mary's is the cruisers destination for the 24th of November. hundreds of boaters descend on this lovely town for a grand week of festivities, based mainly around Seagles Hotel, home of Cindy Dean the Porno Queen! By Wednesday evening the anchorage is full of boats.
Seagles host an Oyster Roast in the evening. Thursday morning entertainment was provided by the wind and tide, as boats danced around the anchorage occasionally bumping into each other. Those that were brave enough to leave their boats enjoyed a wonderful Thanks Giving turkey feast.
Then there is the swap morning, the Cuba talk, Jazz in the Park and lots of lovely people to talk to, so a week later we are still in St Mary's!

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