Boat jobs

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 13 Oct 2011 01:52
We have been pinning a lot of hopes (and fears) on the Annapolis Boat show and Crab Creek. The list of boat purchases and jobs is frightening, but with the help of a hire car, fedex and a credit card, we are winning the battle.
A lot of storage space has been consumed by the hydrovane ( a wind powered self steering system, used if the electronic auto pilot fails) which has been in bits in the fore cabin for some time, and the new rigging, which has been tripping me up daily as it spans the length of the saloon floor,( not to mention the sail for it!) There's also the victron charger, new gas regulators and anchor roller to fit etc etc!
Bob is reaching new heights in his abilities to overcome environmental challenges. . .Today he managed to refit the hydrovane, which consists of several very heavy lumps of steel and lots of small nuts and bolts, while balanced at the back of the boat on a 6 inch ledge , a hairs breadth from the water, as it rocks up and down and back and forth on its anchor. He manages all this without dropping anything, until we get to repositioning the swim ladder. . . .just at this moment a large wasp arrives on the back of the boat and settles next to Bobs foot, on the 6 inch ledge. As I try and sweep it away, the bracket to hold the ladder in place, (which is next to the wasp) gets swept away too, right to the bottom of the murky mud 4 metres below, In desperation I grab the fishing net to try and retrieve it, as the boat is swinging back and forth, the extended pole of the net makes contact with the whizzing blades of the wind generator just above my head. . . . . Tomorrow Bob has a new challenge.

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