St Kitts

Bob & Sue Dall
Sat 26 Mar 2011 01:16
We have to tear ourselves away from Nevis today and take the ferry to St Kitts to pick up our new starter motor.
St Kitts seems completely different, the landscape is more barren, nothing like we had imagined, the marina is still in a state of rebuild and the dock is dominated by the cruise ship industry. Unfortunately we have about 3 hours to kill. Indigo Yacht services are fantastic , they deliver us and our new part back to the marina we now have 2 hrs and 50 minutes to kill. . .The museum soaks up about 50 minutes, we learn all about the sugar trade and independence which was achieved in the early eighties. We are then forced to look in some shops, I buy a duty free, glow in the dark water proof watch, for which I have to declare the name of my vessel . . .and the room number!!
Within an hour of getting back to the boat , Bob has a fully functional engine and we decide to by pass St KItts on our next passage! Besides we still have the cross channel swim the horse races and the triathalon to look forward to on Nevis, perhaps we should stay a bit longer maybe a year or two?

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