Carvers Cove 15th July

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 19 Jul 2011 11:55
We have Carvers Cove all to our selves. . .for about an hour, when a fancy ketch comes swanning in, all fifty four feet of it with all 5ft of Elizabeth at the bow, ready to launch the anchor, Its Caduceus! We last saw them in the Chesapeake, at the end of the OCC Rally.
We all go ashore and enjoy a lovely ramble, rambling. . .Then Back on board we look round Caduceus, very practical outside, and very beautiful inside. . .We are all sitting in the cockpit enjoying a beer when a seal pops its head above the shiny calm water, all four of us watch it intently bobbing about on the surface, then it took us all by surprise as it opened its wings and flew away. . confirming that we were all due for a visit to the opticians!

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