Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 25 Jan 2011 22:19
15:34.925 N 61:27.882 W We moored in Prince Rupert bay Dominica ,after an exciting sail(25-30kts)from Iles des Saintes.Dominica is an independent country,it has nine active volcanoes and tall sharp peaks covered in lush dark forest. It rains a lot, 260 ins of rainfall a year!and we have seen quite a lot already, at least it dries up quickly. . .The main attractions here are inland, spectacular water falls , a boiling lake, hikes through the rain forest and along the Indian River. There is a marine park at Cabrits and families of sperm whales are often seen off Scotts Head in the south of the island.
Its a relief to be on a mooring buoy for a change after several restless nights at anchor, we have an early start tomorrow touring the island with a local guide . . . . . . . .

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