Seeing is believing!

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 29 Jun 2011 02:38
Its a 20 nm day sail from the mooring at Noank on the Mystic River, to Block Island, and we romp along. . . . straight into a thick band of fog.
This is the first fog we have encountered sailing in over 8000 miles!! it takes a few moments to locate and assemble the fog horn, but the results are very satisfying, the radar and AIS (automatic Identification system)come into their own. . . and we survive the near miss of a large fishing boat hurtling towards us at 20kts. . . . .As quickly as the fog engulfed us, it disappears and Block Island reveals its self, just in time for us to drop anchor , before encountering the harbor wall.
The next morning is absolutely sparkling and we hire bikes ,(at an extortionate price), to circumnavigate the Island.
Block Island is a bit like a mini Bermuda, immaculate with an English influence, and lots of coastline. (but not a long sock insight) only Gillean, one of the Atlantic Cup Yachts, we last saw in Bermuda!
Holiday season is taking off here, so its time to leave, once the fog clears. . . .
Today is not so sparkling, so we stay anchored to the spot, with Wimbledon and Kelties flat hunting in Edinburgh to keep us entertained as we embark on a long over due spit and polish of Mawari's top and bottom sides.
According to our US hand held radio, the fog should clear by tomorrow afternoon. . . . ..

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