Bob & Sue Dall
Mon 25 Apr 2011 01:20
I have been completely submerged, since the purchase of my little poi nt and shoot, Fuji XP waterproof camera, in salt water.(unlike Marita, submerged in fresh water).
Fish Face drew a great map of snorkel sites for us to visit. At Our first stop, Water Lemon Cay, we saw dolphins, turtles, rays, barracudas and a shark. . . . This particular shark was attracted to us as we went for an early morning dinghy ride to photograph our boat, it followed us back to Mawari and spent the next 2 hours languishing in the shade of our hull, and when we decided to move on, it followed us . .how could it get better?
5 days and 2000 shots later we have seen more underwater life than anywhere else in the Caribbean. The conditions have been amazing, ( for snorkeling , not sailing) Calm waters, bright sunlight and amazing visibility. I've posted a few first days samples of my photos (there are a lot more now!)
We left the U.S. Virgins and returned to Sopers Hole in the BVI's on Tuesday . On returning from customs we spotted Osprey, We had last seen Sue and Ash on Osprey at Christmas in English Harbour Antigua. After two very enjoyable days of 'catching up' we part company and set off to Soldier Bay on Norman island,( Norman island is uninhabited and also uninhibited, there is a floating bar here called Willie T's, were yachtsmen cast their clothes and jump from the top deck . ., another amazing underwater experience!( no photos supplied)
After a brief encounter with a few turtles and several million fry in Deadmans Bay, Peter Island, we set anchor in Haulover Bay, Cooper Island, to dive the wreck of the HMS Rhone, which split in two and sank in 1867.
We were surprised to discover that we hadn't missed Easter after all, it was just very late this year, and we just happened to book our dive on Easter day! Deep in the bilges we discover the Chocolate father Christmases and. . . a Christmas pudding to celebrate. . !
Our opinion of wreck dives escalated as we viewed a huge variety of sea life , including a massive Eagle Ray, about 2 meters in diameter, like a flying duvet gliding through the water, and in contrast, 3 inch jaw fish which build homes in the sea bed and pop their heads out, mouths full of eggs!( apparently this happens 70% of the time between a full moon and a new moon) wow!!!!!
The dive site is just off salt island, which supplies salt to the queen, and apparently they will be having salt island salt at the wedding breakfast, whenever that might be. . . . .
We saw another unusual sight today. . . a yacht sailing, the weather must be changing . ..

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