Where are we now 3

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 15 Feb 2012 02:12
The sail to Grand Cayman was such fun. . . With 3 reefs in the main and reefed Head sail it took 18 hours!( That might not sound very fast in car terms, but in 40ft sail boat terms its stonking!!!!)
It was too rough to go to the marina in North Bay, so we went straight to Georgetown. Georgetown is dominated by cruise ships, but not at weekends, which was good as we arrived on Saturday morning! By Sunday we had met Twice Eleven, Barfly and Odessa, (the other 3 sail boats in Grand Cayman) On Monday we all took a tour, via mini bus and boat, to the other side of the island, to visit Stingray City. This was just another of those 'never forget' experiences. Our guide knew the dozen or so Sting rays, (that encircled our legs in the crystal clear, metre deep water,) personally! As they hovered the squid out of our hands, they swished their tails in appreciation,. . . . awesome! (sort of) Alan, from Odessa, is a professional videographer and you can see his video of the event at Alvinski100 on u-tube, not to be missed!
We only spent 4 days in the beautiful clear waters of Georgetown, on the free mooring buoy, with free internet, before the next weather window appeared, shame. . . . .

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