11th - 13th july

Bob & Sue Dall
Mon 11 Jul 2011 14:35
44:12.43 N 69:02.98 W

When Maine is mentioned as a place to go sailing , everyone says the same thing " there's lots of rocks, you can walk from one lobster pot to the next,the fog appears from nowhere, but its beautiful- when you can see it" not surprisingly this seems to put a few people off even trying, and they are right there are millions of lobster pots waiting to get caught round a passing propeller and there are lots of rocks and the fog rolls in quite quickly. . and it is really beautiful. . .
As we sailed into Camden a white steeple emerged between the pine covered hills and a small town slowly reveals itself,with a back drop of the highest peaks we have seen since the Caribbean. The town quay is crammed with old wooden schooners beautifully restored and fully operational as day charters
Much to Bobs delight, there is another art museum just a short taxi ride away, which we must visit, The Farnsworth houses the largest collection of Wyeth paintings in the USA,including some illustrations for 'Robinhood', home from home. . . .!
There is also a great bakery, Cappys,a purchase from which is fully justifiable once you have climbed 'Mount Battie'. We did climb Mt Battie, we had to slide most of the way down on our posteriors but the views and the cakes were worth it.
We spent a delightful evening with Sid and some of her extended family at the Camden Yacht Club, having a great picnic and talk about safety aboard. . . always good to shake up the brain cells and think about 'what ifs' now and then.

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