Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 4 Mar 2011 01:24
12:02.655 N 61:44.888 W
We have finally reached our most southerly destination for this year, the 'Spice Island' Grenada. Not before meeting the delightful Kari on Zahlia ,a Wylo for a drink or two. Kari sailed across the Atlantic in a boat she fitted out and finished herself, this was her second trip across the pond (on her own) , the first being in a boat without an engine, and she has already sailed round the world once. . (what have I been doing with my life?)
She met Dos Tintos in Darwin, Australia on their first circumnavigation. We had the pleasure of meeting Dos Tintos on their second circumnavigation, in Madeira, Lanzorote and St Lucia. . . such a small world !!!
Back to Grenada. . .
St Georges bay is very impressive once you have passed the shadow of the cruise liners in the outside dock, a beautiful natural harbour slowly reveals itself, fringed by several brick built buildings, an unusual feature in the Caribbean ( apparently the bricks were brought as ballast by the ships collecting the spices, sugar, coffee, and chocolate etc. This is another island with a fragile past, most of the city was destroyed by fire in the 1900's, it only became independent in 1974,and the first post revolution elections took place in 1985. Most of the island was then destroyed by hurricane Ivan in 2004.
We make the predictable trip to the chandlery as soon as we arrive and discover a much nicer marina, Port Louis,on the other side of the bay.
The next day we move across the bay , assisted by John and Jane of Seaduced!! We first met them on a first aid course in Southampton, a year ago,. and here they are in St George , Grenada ! We have a lovely lunch with them aboard their beautiful 55 ft Discovery, and stay far too long!
I love this marina! Just a dinghy ride away from the town, the chandlery, the supermarket, and just a short stroll from the best showers in the Caribbean and a lovely swimming pool and even a small empty beach with nothing on it but two sun loungers and a sun shade (and us)!

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