Cuttyhunk to Newport, Rhode Island

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 18 Sep 2011 02:11
41:28.763 N 71:19.698 W
Maymio leave the day before us, from Cuttyhunk, but we catch up again in Newport. The Last time we were here we didn't get any further than the NYYC! but tonight we have dinner at an even better location. . .aboard Maymio, and meet Jean and Kevin into the bargain.
Its also the Newport Boat Show,, so the next day we have a wander around the boats and marquees, resisting the temptation to spend money. .almost!
Its been a long time since we have been completely out of propane, water and clean clothes all at once, the first time in fact! Propane has been hard to find , bearing in mind that gas bottles are not welcome on public transport. The free boat show T shirts helped the laundry crisis (shame there was no free underwear) The water was just bad management!
On Monday Jen and Robbie introduced us to The Seaman's Church Institute, a great facility for transient boaters, and others in need. . We had a great breakfast and used the laundry. On the way to the laundry there is an unusual feature, a special coat rack, this coat rack is accompanied by a very special sign attached to the wall next to it. . . .'PLEASE HELP YOURSELF, but leave something for others'. . . .
Fortunately I didn't hang up my best Musto before doing the laundry!(unlike some one else). . . . but we did hang up all our unwanted clothes the next day.

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