Day 3 St Pierre

Bob & Sue Dall
Sat 5 Feb 2011 00:53
After extracting our selves backwards from the sea and back to the car we headed to the nearest Rum Distillery Depaz This was a delightfully unexpected pleasure. . entrance was free and a well marked path led us through the whole process of rum production which still uses a steam engine, while encompassing spectacular views and aromas and the biggest tree we have ever seen, a Ficus. which at only 40yrs old was at least 20m diameter. We bought a bottle of golden rum and after much discussion, two glasses with wobbly bottoms, unfortunately Bob was right, they are not perfect on a boat. . . . . .
As we still had the car we forged on to Habitation de Anse south of St Pierre, The empty car park wasn't promising, but the gardens of the plantation ruins were well worth the visit.

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