Happy New Year from Coco Point Barbuda

Bob & Sue Dall
Sat 8 Jan 2011 22:32
17:33.487 N 61:46.449 W
Happy belated New Year! We have been in Antigua since our arrival to the Caribbean on 17th December. The weather has been a bit mixed with some rainy days. . . but no snow. Keltie and Amica spent 10 days with us over Christmas (quite an achievement, bearing in mind we had to sail here and they had to get to get to Gatwick in deep snow!). Cameron left us on Thursday for Canada. We are on our own for the first time since 4th November when he joined us in Lanzarote to cross the Atlantic. The boat seems very spacious all of a sudden!
Today we sailed to Barbuda, we had been hoping to go with Cam but the northerly swells were against us until now. We left Deep Bay at 8am and had a lovely 7kt reach most of the way, about 25 miles. There are lots of reefs dotted about so we made sure to arrive in good light with the sun overhead, it was still a bit nerve racking. . .But worth it. We are anchored off Cocoa point, the beach is stunning and almost deserted, pristine white sand and clear water . . .just as we had dreamed ! We took the tender out and anchored it near a small reef and did a bit of snorkeling, lots of colourful fish although the coral looked a bit dull. Barbuda is home to a Frigate Bird colony which we hope to see while we are here. We watched a display as we sailed today of three frigate birds stealing a fish from a gull, the Frigate birds can't land on the water as they are unable take off again if their wings are wet.
I'm hoping we won't roll to much tonight or we might end up with no sleep. We just need to hear from Cameron to let us know he and his luggage managed to survive the 4 flights and connections plus the transfer to Big White and it will be a perfect day. . . what's the likely hood of that?

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