Return to Beautiful Bequia

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 17 Feb 2011 01:24
13:00.226 N 61:14.607
We hardly slept a wink last night, it started with the free music and then the howling wind , waves crashing against the rocks right on our bow. . . . we didn't need the 5.30am alarm we were all ready to go well before then, so we crept out of the bay and past the majestic Pitons on valentines day morning, it was almost romantic. I felt very guilty when I found a valentines card on the table. . . it could only be from one person, where did he get it from?

We had ringside seats sailing along the east coast of St Vincent, deciding we must visit on the way back. Then we were blasted. . the heavens opened and the winds roared from 25 to 32 kts as the rain washed away any romance.

We arrived, battered and soggy, back in Paradise, in our own boat! the sun is even shining! We've been here twice before in charter boats, lovely but not quite the same. we anchor in the beautiful Admiralty Bay, rubbing shoulders with every boat imaginable from local fishing boats to the most beautiful 40 million dollar J class yacht. . .
Bequia is 7 square miles of tranquility, part of 'St Vincent and the Grenadines' It has a long history of boat building and whaling. Today the island is allowed to 'catch' 4 whales a year. . . by hand!
As soon as we arrived we snorkeled to check the anchor and saw two Gournards, fish with huge wings that fan themselves along the sea bed, a big crab, and two turtles and then the most amazing fish which was green with dark green stripes as it swam over grass and then transformed instantly to light blue and pale yellow as it swam over the sand. . incredible. the anchor was good too!
Ashore we found the laundry , internet cafe and canvas shop for some more sun/rain shades and booked a dive for tomorrow morning. Onboard we opened our first tin of butter (surprisingly good), ran out of salad cream (disaster) and found the chocolate father Christmases (yum yum!) sorry Cameron. . . . taking a picture of them just to prove I hadn't eaten them before Christmas,

CONGRATULATIONS CAM on passing your snow board instructor exam! brill !!! , you would never pass an exam in 'how to get your bag from Canadian customs' though. . . . .

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